Water Water Everywhere, But What’s a Gal to Wear?

Yes, it’s summertime, and the living is……hot. I’ve always found it challenging to find a bathing suit that I feel confident and comfortable in, and that doesn’t look totally frumpilicious. I’ve heard stories of people with ileostomies wearing bikinis, but that is just not an option for me. As I’ve mentioned before, my ileostomy is placed fairly high up. My scar runs from below my breast bone all the way down. So, I’m absolutely a one-piece bathing suit gal. But, as you know, that is not so easy.

I’ve tried the cute little skirts, which work really well until you actually try to swim and then if you are standing in the pool they float up and look like they are doing underwater ballet. I’ve also tried to wear a plain old one-piece bathing suit, and have success with that until I feel self-conscious when my appliance begins to fill up. So, when I wear that I seem to want to use the restroom every ten minutes!

Perhaps my greatest success was discovering some swim shorts from Lands End. I found this worked well when worn over the one-piece, or combined with a long tankini top. At least, I felt comfortable in it and wasn’t as worried about my appliance.

I am thinking about ordering this high-waisted bottom from Land’s End. Looks like it has some potential!! We’ll see. And I’m also eyeing some suits at ModCloth. They have a fun, retro feel. Haven’t dived in (no pun intended). My goal is eventually to find something I feel comfortable enough in that I can happily take my preschooler to swim lessons!


2 responses to “Water Water Everywhere, But What’s a Gal to Wear?

  1. Awesome blog. My ileostomy is up high like yours too so bikinis are out of the question. I’ve had some luck with tankinis from Victorias Secret because some of them can be ordered in a “long” size. Paired with high waisted bottoms, it’s a nice look and not as restrictive as a one piece. It’s definitely hard to find something that covers up without being “frumpilicious”


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