Second Life, Body Image & Ilesotomies

Please bear with me for yet another random musing on body image. This time it’s about Second Life. For those of you who don’t know, Second Life is a virtual world where you can interact with others. You create an avatar and have control over what you look like, and yes, what you wear.

I’ve been ‘visiting’ Second Life for some time now. It’s a nice diversion and I have made some great friends there. However, you may notice that most SL fashion tends to be, well, shall we say hoochie mama chic. Baring your midriff  (as well as baring other anatomical parts) is the norm.

Here’s where it gets odd….. I have a hard time with my avatar showing off her midriff. Honest! Isn’t that ridiculous. I mean, it is not like I have to worry about her ostomy showing. And yet, I see her as an extension of myself and feel uncomfortable baring my midriff. There is some kind of psychological study in that, don’t you think? Probably the same reason I tend to dress her in winter clothes when it is winter in RL and summer clothes when it is summer in RL.


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