Monthly Archives: January 2012

Times are a Changin’

So, I started this with the best of intentions to post on a somewhat normal basis. Clearly that has not been the case. I’ve got some exciting things brewing, and they are clearly occupying my mental space! Maybe I should let you know so you don’t think I totally disappeared.

We are expecting twins in a few weeks! Yes, twins! You are probably wondering why I never posted about being pregnant with an ileostomy. Funny you should ask. Since I’m not able to safely carry a pregnancy, we are working with a surrogate who is carrying our genetic children. It’s amazing. And sort of like the Twilight Zone. But amazing! The surrogate is such a giving, loving, wonderful person…this is the ultimate thing to do for someone. We are so blessed to be at this point. It’s been a pretty long road to get here.

So, that’s what is going on. We expect the babies in February, and I’m hopeful they don’t make an early debut. We are frantically trying to get things ready, but are no where close. In the end though, I know how very lucky we are. So, I’m sure you understand if my mind is elsewhere? Thank you. 🙂