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Let’s Get Physical….or How Lycra Can be Your Friend

Knowing that I’ve considered joining a gym for some time now, my wonderful husband got me a one month gym membership for my birthday so I could try a “test run.” He knows me well enough to sense I would freak out if he bought a year membership as a surprise.  I would have said things like “But I’m not sure” and “Do I have time?” Yet, for a month, well….I would give it a shot.

I’m totally digging it, and have since joined for good. Of course there is the ever-present issue of when I will go. But at least for now I am trying to go once a week, usually on the weekend. Also, as a bonus for new members, I get two free sessions with a personal trainer. I’m still achy from the session four days ago.

Being a total novice to the gym I had to figure out what the heck to wear. I wanted something comfortable, non-restricting, and also not super tight against my ileostomy. The first time I went to take a class, I had NOTHING appropriate to wear and ended up wearing loose fitting lounge/sweat pants and a tee shirt. It worked but wasn’t quite right.

I tried on some different pants, and ended up getting some Adidas capris (like these, but not plus size…not that there is anything wrong with being plus size). I got them at an outlet, so the price was right. I liked these since they are not super low rise and they are loose enough. It’s really amazing how low-rise some of these work out pants are!

These pants worked well, but I needed at least one other pair of, well, something. I then stepped into Lucy and splurged on some training pants. The sales person encouraged me to try these on (regardless of my fear of the tight fit), and wow! They are super comfortable and, despite being form fitting, they are high enough that I didn’t feel self conscious about my ileostomy as long as I have a longer shirt on top. I ended up buying a shirt from them too. The actual shirt is longer than pictured here. It worked out great! And I love the feeling of lycra holding in my ileostomy. I don’t even think about it while I’m working out, or taking a class (Zumba, anyone?)

Anyways, I’m optimistic I can stick to it and start feeling stronger. Having clothes that I feel confident in certainly make going to the gym more appealing. What do you work out in?