Monthly Archives: May 2015

To the Right, To the RIght

I happened to stop into the store New York and Company briefly the other day, and was really excited to get a top with some interesting detail. Here you can see the blouse on my Pinterest page. Or, you can see it directly on the store’s site.

I just love this blouse! It is form fitting, but the draped material falls in just the right place. What place is that, you ask? On the right side!! Have you noticed that most details on dresses or blouses seem to fall on the left side? So many times, I’ve wondered why things are placed to the left and not the right. Like, check out this wrap dress or this dress.

Why? I have no idea.Maybe this has something to do with the same oddities of  men’s and women’s buttons? Who knows. I suppose even this blouse with the draped fabric does follow the same form of slanting down and ending (at least visually) on the left.

In the meantime, I love this blouse and am always keeping my eyes peeled for clothing that will not pull across my right side.