Mommy Mojo & Odd Questions

Wow….I’ve been so bad about checking in! But, I hope you understand and I do appreciate those of you who have contacted me to see if I’m okay. The very good news is that our baby boy and girl were born in early February. They are doing great, and our 4-year-old son is also adjusting to life as a big brother. We are so lucky that all went smoothly and the twins are both healthy and growing well. Plus, they are so darned cute. 🙂

It’s pretty busy and hectic though. Don’t get me wrong…I know how incredibly lucky we are to have this gorgeous family and I am eternally grateful. But, I am finding it a challenge to maintain my mommy mojo all the time! The lack of sleep of course is potent and it is very challenging to not really have a moment to myself. But we are doing well and it’s incredibly exciting. I will attempt to return to this blog….but please forgive any delays.

And now for a tangent……

As you know, we worked with a surrogate who helped to carry our (they are genetically ours) babies into the world.  She is such an amazing person. Throughout this process I found people would ask the oddest and also very personal questions about surrogacy. It reminds me of when I first had the ileostomy surgery and the bizarre and very personal questions that I would be asked by co-workers and acquaintances. I usually just try to respond as honestly as possible, but I never cease to be amazed at the chutzpah people have to ask these questions! Sometimes you just have to laugh! I bet we’ve all endured those odd questions.



2 responses to “Mommy Mojo & Odd Questions

  1. I think I must have been fortunate (in a way) that everyone I spoke to about my ileostomy surgery _didn’t_ ask any odd questions. They mostly just seemed to be anxious about being polite, combined with the fact that they had absolutely no idea what an ileostomy or what IBD was. It didn’t help that I didn’t know much more than that, either!

    I’m sorry you’ve had some people “pushing the boundaries”, or so to speak. Maybe it’s all due to that pretty naive curiosity that human beings have about this kind of stuff? I think the best thing to do is, as you say, laugh at it.

    Regardless, I’m so, so happy for you and your family! What an amazing double blessing! I hope that the sleepless nights settle down sooner rather than later and am very envious of cute-baby-cuddles. Are the twins very good at sleeping at the same time? I’ve always wondered about that! Apologies if that’s an “odd” question… 🙂


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