Random thoughts on a random day….

A few random thoughts:

  • Please say it, ain’t so! I hope neon does not come back in fashion. I can admit it! I owned a fluorescent green sweatshirt in the 80’s. (Does it count that I was in 7th grade at the time?) I wore it with my phone cord belt! And I even had an asymmetrical haircut. Anyways, those colors weren’t flattering then and they certainly won’t be flattering now.
  • Check out the Ostomy Lifestyle Underwear and Swimwear Show. I wish I could attend this!! How wonderful! The model interviews are great. Kudos to them for participating in this.
  • Here’s something funny….Gmale. Watch it for a good laugh (and the accurate yet creepy ending).

Like I said….random! Do you have any random thoughts for the day?


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