Panty Hose

Amazingly, it was only recently that I got up the courage to wear tights or pantyhose for a full day at work! Previously, so afraid of having anything cutting across my waist or putting undue pressure on areas that couldn’t take it, I wore thigh highs. These usually worked fine, but are not really feasible under anything very clingy. Otherwise you can see a line on your leg, and heaven forbid, whatever part of your body spills over the top of the thigh high bulges out. I fondly call this the ‘mutton chop’ look. Eh.

Finding hose that do not have a control top is not easy. Apparently every woman in American wants to be ‘held in’ by a control top. I want the oppposite! Donna Karan and Calvin Klein has a nice line called “The Nudes” but they are uber sheer, and for me, uber fragile. They are also sort of pricey at $20 a pop.

i did have some luck with L’eggs brand. I tried No nonsense, but found the colors a bit sallow on me. Hanes has a nice one without a control top, but the color (travel buff) is very pale. I need something that doesn’t make my legs look like I’m wearing a nurses uniform.

For tights, I like the Ann Taylor Loft brand.

Suggestions? Any brands that work well on you?


4 responses to “Panty Hose

  1. I’ve been wearing thigh-highs since I got my ileostomy, too, but have the same worries that you do about wearing them with anything clingy! If I’m wearing a tight-fitting dress or skirt, then I either wear pantyhose, but keep the tops underneath my bag (in this case, I’ve found that the control top ones are quite good, because they’re more likely to stay up without being pulled up to my waist), or wear stockings. I have a suspender belt that I fit around my waist (I’ve only been able to wear this since my scar’s healed properly), above my bag. I empty a lot more often if I’m wearing this, though, because I worry about what would happen if the pressure built up (!).



  2. Sara, I love that you’ve been wearing stockings! Is it very hard to find them? I haven’t tried wearing them on a regular basis. I hadn’t thought of wearing the control top under the appliance. I should totally try that. I fell in love with a pair of ‘low-rise’ hose a few years ago that came just perfectly under my appliance. But, of course, they stopped making them and I got a run in the one pair I had!


  3. Most of the stockings that I’ve bought from high street shops have been so delicate that I only keep them for special occasions (!), so now I buy these from the Stockings HQ website: They’re cheap, matte (I don’t like having shiny legs), and last for a relatively long time. They also do them in a nude shade that is pale enough for my legs (I’m very pale!).

    My suspender belt is from the same website. Their models wear it just below their bellybutton, but I’ve found that it’s perfectly okay wearing it just above, so that it covers my bag – I just had to lengthen the straps a bit. I also wear my Comfizz ostomy belt over my bag, but under the suspender belt, just to provide a bit of additional support.

    I’m sorry they stopped making the low-rise pantyhose that you liked; have you tried looking on eBay, etc. in case anyone’s selling off old stock?

    Another great thing about stockings is that, if you get a run in one, you can still use the second one as a spare! 🙂


  4. Sara, Thanks for the link to the site. Great prices, and sounds like they last pretty well. I may give it a try. Though it appears the shipping to the US will cost more than the stockings! 🙂


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